How often is PlaneTalk published?

PlaneTalk Podcasts are published every two weeks and can be downloaded from Apple, Google and Spotify as well as

How often are PlaneTech articles published?

PlaneTech articles are published monthly in the Canadian Owners and Pilot’s Association’s (COPA)  print and digital magazine.

How do I download PlaneTech articles?

Simply login to and go to the following page.  Both current, past and archived COPA Flight magazines can be read on-line or downloaded.

How do I read older PlaneTech articles?

Navigate to the articles page and select from the list.

Do I have to be a member of COPA to get PlaneTech?

You must be a member of COPA or on their distribution list in order to get COPA Flight magazine.  However, PlaneTech articles have been posted in LinkedIN, Facebook and this website

I’m interested in a aviation tech subject that has yet to be written about.  How do I send you a suggestion?

Simply send your idea to us as an email through the CONTACT page or to [email protected]

Where are all the fantastic aviation photos from?

For the past 20 years, we have been attending a variety of aviation events, including the EAA’s AirVenture, SUNnFUN, Canadian Aviation Show, the Canadian International Airshow at the Canadian National Exhibition and other events, air shows and museums.  While enjoying  these activities, and as an avid photographer, a vast collection of images has been created.

How do I contact you?

See the CONTACT page, or email to [email protected].